Acktion Club Recognition

August 8th was a “Big Deal” day for the Kiwanis Family House and the Roseville/Rocklin Acktion Club!

The Aktion Club was accepted as a member club sponsor of the Kiwanis Family House, the first Acktion Club to become a sponsor club.  Many thanks to the club officers and their club advisors!
In the Picture:
Front Row: Left to Right
Stacy Stockwell, Secretary – Roseville/Rocklin Aktion Club
Stacy Clark, Treasurer – Roseville/Rocklin Aktion Club
Vanessa Romant, President Elect – Roseville/Rocklin Aktion Club
Yafeu Berryman, President – Roseville/Rocklin Aktion Club
Chris Felland, Sergeant At Arms – Roseville/ Rocklin Club
Rear Row: Left to Right
Jim Legler – Rocklin Kiwanis Aktion Club Advisor
George C. Hackett – Roseville Kiwanis Aktion Club Advisor
Dan Germain, House Director – Kiwanis Family House
Bill Hooper, President, Board of Directors – KFH

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