August President's Message | Guy Blair

This year the Kiwanis Family House (KFH) plans to have a major emphasis on building relationships with Sponsor Kiwanis Clubs and Corporate Sponsors.  Our goal at the Club level is to have a KFH Liaison in each Sponsor Club for the purpose of communicating KFH accomplishments, needs, and future activities.  We would like every Kiwanis member in our Sponsor Clubs to hear the great things that are being done at the KFH.

Next month we will be sending out a request to Sponsor Clubs seeking their nomination of a Club member to serve as a KFH Liaison.  We intend to keep their tasks simple and will provide them information about the KFH at the beginning of the month.  All we ask is that Club President give the Liaison a few minutes to speak at the Club at the beginning of each month.

The job description for the KFH Liaison would be the following:

  • Each month the KFH Liaison will make a verbal KFH report at their Club meeting. Dan will provide Liaisons a short, bulleted summary of KFH activities for reporting purposes by the first Friday of every month.
  • The Liaison will electronically share the KFH House Talk newsletter with their Club members each month.
  • The Liaison will like and share social media posts.
  • The Liaison will inform the KFH Director of KFH fundraiser events so that they can be added to the KFH calendar.

We hope each Club will support us in this improved communication effort.  Thank you.

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