Become a Kiwanis Club Sponsor

Become a Kiwanis Club Sponsor

For Kiwanis Family House Sponsorship Club opportunities, download the Sponsorship Application form. This form also includes information about the many types of sponsorships available.

Rights and Privileges of Kiwanis Family House Sponsorship:

Sponsor Club in good standing* has the right to nominate candidates for the Kiwanis Family House Board of Director position at the Annual Meeting, with Notice, as outlined in the Kiwanis Family House By-laws.

A Sponsor Club in *good standing has the following privileges:

•  The right of voting privileges at the Kiwanis Family House Annual Meeting and any other Special Meeting that may be called by the Board with Notice as outlined in the Kiwanis Family House By-laws.

•  The right to volunteer any Sponsor Club member to serve on any Committee named by the Kiwanis Family House Board.

•  The right to receive notice of and to attend all Monthly meetings of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Family House; to receive Official Minutes and Reports of meetings, Annual Statement of Financial Condition and all other Informational Reports issued by the Board.

•  The right to receive the monthly issue of “House Talk”, the Kiwanis Family House newsletter, and the privilege of submitting articles concerning their sponsorship activities to the House Talk Editor for publication.

Sponsorship Obligations

Sponsor Club is obligated to pay one-time $500 sponsorship fee.

Sponsor Club is obligated to pay annual dues to Kiwanis Family House, as set forth in the Kiwanis Family House By-laws. Annual dues billed in October of each year.

Sponsor Club is obligated to make an additional annual donation from the proceeds of one or more fund raisers for a suggested minimum donation amount of $1,000.

Sponsor Club is obligated to actively support the fundraising project that benefit the Kiwanis Family House – sponsored by the board or member clubs.

Sponsor Club is obligated to contribute Service Hours to the Kiwanis Family House, either in the form of on-site volunteers, donations of food or items needed for operations, or to participate in a scheduled Maintenance Work Day.

Sponsor Club, by reason of their investment evidenced by the Certificate of Sponsorship, are obligated to keep their Club Members informed on the status and progress of the Kiwanis Family House, to arrange periodic visits to the Kiwanis Family House by Members and to support, wherever possible, future Resolutions/Amendments that may come before the California Nevada Hawaii District or Kiwanis International Convention for Delegates approval.

After downloading the Sponsorship Application above, please click on the PayPal button below to become a Kiwanis Family House Sponsorship Club: