Director’s Letter – March 2015

Dan Germain

I have met a thousand people who claim to be exclusively responsible for the oft-cited maxim “People support what they help create.”  Truth be known, I have claimed to be the original author of the saying for most of my life.  But at least 999 people out there know I was not the first to think of it.  Regardless, it is quite a gem in the world of management and leadership principles.  Those fascinated by leadership concepts and practices often follow difference makers in corporate settings, like banking, manufacturing, information technology, … [Read more...]

Director’s Letter – January 2015

To my friends, family, fellow K-Family members, the staff here at the Kiwanis Family House, my key contacts at our partner hospitals, my peers in the regional nonprofit community, guests and former guests who continue to support us, and the KFH Board of Directors…..Happy 2015! As we launch into a new calendar year, I remind myself that I serve all of you as I fulfill the duties of Executive Director.  I am accountable to you.  Please do me a favor.  File this column away.  Retrieve it next January and use it as a 2015 report card.  Hold me … [Read more...]

Welcome to KFH Sponsor Club #96!

KFH Patch

Sebastopol Kiwanis recently joined 95 other  clubs in California and Nevada by becoming an official sponsor of Kiwanis Family House! As a Sponsor Club, Sebastopol Kiwanis made a one-time donation of $500, and pledges to pay dues of $100 annually, plus make an additional annual donation of their choosing, to the House.  The club will have all the rights of sponsorship, which includes voting for board members at Kiwanis Family House's  annual meeting each June.  Executive Director Dan Germain attended the club's lunch meeting last week as the … [Read more...]

Director’s Letter – December 2014

During this season of giving, we at the Kiwanis Family House are humbled by the continued support we receive from Kiwanis clubs and individual supporters.  You are the reason that the Kiwanis Family House has had the privilege of serving more than 25,000 families in crisis over the past thirty years, and, with your continued support, we plan to serve even more families in our next three decades. The renowned specialists at Shriners Hospital of Northern California are currently treating Azul, a three-year-old burn patient from Choix in the … [Read more...]

Director’s Letter – November 2014

As our memorable 30th anniversary celebration recedes further into our collective memory and we push into our 31st year, we are focused on our immediate future as well the legacy that will outlive most of us. Your current leadership – board and management – are committed to ensuring at least another 30 years of inspirational service. As is any effectively-run organization, we are compelled to elevate our sights beyond the challenges of day-to-day operation and perform as visionary strategic thinkers. While we will not be ready to formally … [Read more...]

Director’s Letter – October 2014

100’s Every Where You Turn Healdsburg Kiwanis in Sonoma County is Kiwanis Family House (KFH) Sponsor Club Number 90. Number 91 is Campbell Kiwanis in Santa Clara County. Number 92 is Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis in San Diego County. Number 93 is Greater Colfax Kiwanis in Placer County. All have come on board in the past two months. We greatly value the spreading geographic representation among our family of Sponsor Clubs. It mirrors the geographic distribution of the persons we serve. Did you know that families from 11 of Nevada’s 16 … [Read more...]

Amador County Kiwanis Make Donation to KFH!


Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Amador County for your recent $1,000 donation to the Kiwanis Family House!  Pictured below are members of the club with Executive Director Dan Germain at the recent K-Family Workday, where they joined 31 other Kiwanis family organizations for one of our two largest volunteer days of the year. Thank you, Amador County Kiwanis, for your generous donation, for being one of our 92 valued sponsoring clubs, and for your volunteer efforts.  You ROCK! … [Read more...]

Dixon Kiwanis Supports Kiwanis Family House!


Sponsor Club Dixon Kiwanis participated in the most recent K-Family Workday on September 6th, and while there, presented Executive Director Dan Germain with a check for $1,000, representing two grants of $500 each from the Walmart Foundation and Kohl's Foundation. Dixon Kiwanis, like all sponsor clubs, pays annual dues to the Kiwanis Family House, and gives an additional donation to KFH each year.  Thank you to the members and leaders of Dixon Kiwanis for your continued financial and volunteer support of our House! … [Read more...]

Kiwanis Family House Adds 3 New Sponsor Clubs!


The 2015 Cal-Nev-Ha District Kiwanis Convention was last week, and it was a great success for the Kiwanis Family House. At convention, we signed up not one, not two, but THREE new sponsoring clubs: Grantville-Allied Gardens (San Diego), Campbell, and Healdsburg! These three clubs join 89 other clubs throughout California and Nevada who are official sponsors of the Kiwanis Family House. Sponsoring Kiwanis clubs pledge $500 to Kiwanis Family House the first year, and pay annual dues of $100 thereafter. They are also highly encouraged to hold … [Read more...]

Roseville Kiwanis Donates $5,000 For Laundry Room Project


On July 17th, Dan Germain, Rita Germain, and Charlie Bussey attended the lunchtime meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Roseville, where President John DeLury and the club's Board of Directors presented them with a check for $5,000 toward the capital campaign to build a new staff laundry room at KFH. Kiwanis Family House sincerely thanks each and every member of the Kiwanis Club of Roseville, which includes many long-time KFH supporters and past KFH board members. Your generosity brings us another step closer to raising the funds to build the new … [Read more...]