Sponsor a Room at the Family House

Sponsor a Room at the Kiwanis Family House

Sponsorship opportunities offer an excellent method of providing recognition or creating a tribute for:

  • Club or division support
  • Someone who has been important in your life
  • Living and deceased family members
  • Someone important in the formation of your Kiwanis Club
  • A prominent citizen of the community
  • Community benefactor

Pledge payments may be made over a five year period.

For more information about sponsorship and to obtain the opportunities that are still available call Dan Germain at (916) 420-9996 or email him at dgermain@kiwanisfamilyhouse.org

Or write to:

Kiwanis Family House
2875 50th Street

Sacramento, CA 95817

You may also download the Sponsorship Opportunities flyer.

(The pdf form requires Adobe Acrobat. You may download a free copy here.)

Or call the Kiwanis Family House at: (916) 736-0116.