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“Average” — What’s That? | Charlie Bussey

“Average” — What’s That? | Charlie Bussey

The “average” guest stays at Kiwanis Family House for about 3 days, stays only one time and we never see them again because their family medical emergency has been resolved. Other guests stay with us over and over as their  medical crisis may take longer and require one or more follow up visits or surgeries. […]

Lorrie’s Story | Charlie Bussey

As I write this, it is Thursday. Earlier this week, on Monday morning, one of our guests stuck her head inside the office door, handed Dan and me some bookmarks she had made from beads and me and said, “ I just want you to know what a wonderful place this is. Your staff is so […]

Gordon’s Story

Gordon Storey has a story to tell. It is a story of true friendship and perseverance against difficult obstacles.  It is a story of heartache and joy. Gordon Storey is a retired minister. In his ministerial postings he has served in many churches. One of these churches is located in Mt. Shasta, California. If you […]

Clara Nichols’ Story | Charlie Bussey

On September 26, 2016, Lethesia Guzman and her fiancé were traveling on Interstate 80 crossing the Yolo Causeway (a long, elevated bridge) between West  Sacramento and Davis.  They were involved in a minor fender bender and were pulled off to the side of the narrow causeway. They exited the car and were standing in front […]

The House Kiwanis Built

The October issue of Kiwanis Magazine featured an 8-page story about our Kiwanis Family House, which included two guest family profiles. We could not think of a better way to tell the story of ‘The House Kiwanis Built’ than through the moving words of our guest families. Sandra and her family were one of the families featured […]

Sandra Gantt’s Story

We first met Sandra Gantt during the 2012 holiday season, shortly after she was diagnosed with leukemia.  Sandra was in the last trimester of her pregnancy.  Doctors at UC Davis Medical Center carefully coordinated her cancer and prenatal care.  A healthy daughter, Karissa, was born on December 27, 2012.  The family remained at Kiwanis Family […]

Ankit Bhuta’s Story

Ankit Bhuta came to the U.S. from Mumbai, India to attend flight school.  After passing his courses, he needed hours on his flight log, a quest that took him to Stockton, California.  On September 7, 2015, Ankit was riding on the back of a motorcycle being driven by one of his classmates.  The classmate decided […]

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