Kiwanis Family House

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to stay at the Kiwanis Family House?

Eligible guests at the Kiwanis Family House have family members being treated at the UC Davis Health System and Shriners Hospital, or are pateints themselves, and who live 35 miles or more from Sacramento. Each guest family is referred by the UC Davis Health System, either by the medical staff or social worker. The UC Davis Health System refers families of patients (or patients) being treated in all of their medical departments, including Trauma and Emergency Surgery, medical, Children’s Hospital, the Cancer Center, and the M.I.N.D. Institute. A daily rent fee of $50 is requested from each family.

Do only pediatric patient families stay at the Kiwanis Family House?

Our mission is to serve families of both pediatric and adult patient families at the UC Davis Health System.

How long do families normally stay at the Kiwanis Family House?

There is no time limit regarding the length of stay at the Kiwanis Family House. Families can stay from one day, to weeks or months. The length of stay is determined by the care a family is in need of as determined by their medical professional.

Who supports the Kiwanis Family House?

Kiwanis Clubs in the California-Nevada-Hawaii district and the community at large provide support. You can support the Kiwanis Family House by contributing financially, donating supplies or volunteering.

How can I offer support?

There are many ways to support the Kiwanis Family House.  Whether you choose to drop off some household supplies, food for our pantry, make  financial contributions, or volunteer your time, here is a summary of the options to provide support.
Also you can:


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Kiwanis Family House is a non-profit organization and is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), with an IRS Federal ID #68-0016996. Therefore, donations qualify for maximum tax benefits allowable by the IRS. Please consult your tax advisor for your eligible tax benefit.

What about volunteers?

The Kiwanis Family House welcomes volunteers daily. Whether you have an hour, or a full day, KFH considers your support a gift. We do several larger days of service at KFH, and groups of any size can come at their convenience to support our property clean up (both inside and outside) or with administrative tasks like filing or shredding. If you want to know how you can help, please give us a call at 916-736-0116

Is food provided for guests at the Kiwanis Family House?

The food closet at the Kiwanis Family House provides food to just-arriving guest families.  If the guest family’s stay is for an extended period of time, the family is asked to purchase their own food supply, which can supplemented with food provided by the Kiwanis Family House.  Each guest/ family is assigned to a refrigerator and cupboard space to store their purchased food.  Meals are self-prepared by the guest.

Is RV parking available at the Kiwanis Family House?

Yes, RV parking is available: 6 RV spaces with full utility hook-ups for families of patients being treated at the UC Davis Health System. These spaces are also available by referral only.

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