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Endings and Beginnings | Rita Germain

Welcome to the final issue of Kiwanis Family House’s monthly newsletter, House Talk.

Over the years, beginning with a paper newsletter that was mailed to subscribers, House Talk has been a way for supporters and friends to keep up with the news of Kiwanis Family House on a monthly basis.  Now, 18 years later, the news cycle has accelerated, and in order to keep pace, we are retiring the monthly newsletter format in favor of a series of short, targeted stories every month.  We promise not to overwhelm you with email, but instead, to bring you bite-sized nuggets of information you can use right away.  We see this as a mix of guest stories, event announcements, club/supporter news, and “wish list” requests.  We hope you will let us know what YOU would like to see as well.

As your current House Talk editor, it has been my pleasure to bring you news of the House I love so much.  Thank you all for your continued support as we change the vehicle for our messaging.  And while we are “sun setting” the current House Talk format, we remain committed to bringing you timely news and information from our House as it occurs.

Warmest regards,


Rita Germain

Editor, House Talk

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