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January President’s Message

Success is something we all work toward every day but it can sometimes be difficult to define.  Although success may be hard to put our hands around, we all know success when we see it in individuals and organizations.  Regardless of how we measure success,   I believe it is hard to deny that success is largely a matter of attitude and planning.  Successful people and organizations all have a positive and proactive attitude as well as a clear picture of what success looks like.  A plan is developed which lays out a map to follow which leads to the obtainment of stated objectives and goals.  Yes, one can say that “luck” sometimes may play a role in being successful but “luck” can only carry us so far and sustained achievement can only be achieved with a commitment to obtaining clearly defined objectives and goals.  I am unable to attribute the saying that:  “goals must be written down; without reducing a goal to writing it is just a wish” but my life experiences validate the saying to be true.  In keeping with this belief, the Kiwanis Family House (K.F.H.) Leadership Team is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for the organization.  A Strategic Plan which will provide clearly define goals and objectives to ensure continued fulfillment of our defined mission and sustained financial viability and therefore help ensure the continued success of K.F.H.

The current K.F.H. Strategic Plan was developed in late 2011 and early 2012 and set forth a series of 5-year goals and objectives. The plan has served the organization well but the time has come for a new Strategic Plan to be adopted, a plan which takes into account changes in the economy, the current business climate, changes in the demographic of clients served, and considers the current and projected financial status of the organization.  Although the mission, vision, and values, of K.F.H. have remained essentially unchanged since opening its doors in July 1984, a new 5-year Strategic Plan will provide continued focus and guidance for the K.F.H. Leadership Team.  A continued commitment to serving clients with superior service and to fully meet the expectations of all our stakeholders will be supported by an updated Strategic Plan.

To aid the Board of Directors in the development of a new Strategic Plan, the services of the non-profit organization, Impact Foundry were enlisted.  (The mission of the Impact Foundry is to “enhance the resources and improve the management of nonprofit organizations…”)  With the assistance of the Impact Foundry and their expertise and experience,  a survey was prepared and distributed to a sample cross-section of stakeholders in order to help develop an assessment of the overall performance of the organization and to seek ideas for improvement.  Input from this survey along with planning sessions with the board members and other individuals vested in the organization and facilitated by staff from the Impact Foundry will be utilized in developing a plan which will be a dynamic tool to aid in the Leadership Team’s future decision making.

I am very proud of the Board of Directors and of the facility management team for their work developing a new Strategic Plan and very excited at the prospects of having an updated plan. Their enthusiastic, positive, and proactive attitudes along with an updated Strategic Plan will help ensure ongoing success for K.F.H.  An organization which all of you can be proud of and know that it will continue to perform an invaluable service.

Thank you for your continued support…

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