Kiwanis Family House

June President’s Message

The Kiwanis Family House fiscal year ends June 30th and so does my term as the 16th President of the Board of Directors.  How quickly time flies…

This has been a memorable year in many ways and much has been accomplished to maintain a consistently high level of customer service.  The eleven member Board of Directors was very engaged, worked in harmony, and functioned as a team throughout the year. Focus continued to be placed on the mission, vision, and values of the organization; guiding principles which have served the organization since first opening the doors in July 1984 to families in need of a place to stay and respite while experiencing a medical crisis.  And the entire staff working under the leadership of our Executor Director, Dan Germain and the Operations Manager, Charlie Bussey has worked diligently to provide top-notch service to all the families who were served during the year.

Special mention for their contributions, both individually and as part of a group, must be made to the hundreds of volunteers who have performed work in and around the facility during the year.  Without the commitment of a core of volunteers supporting the paid staff, the level of service to families staying at the facility could not have been maintained.  Thank you.  A special note of thanks also to the California-Nevada-Hawaii Kiwanis Circle K Clubs for their tremendous financial support.  This college level service leadership program was a key contributor to the Sacramento Area “Big Day of Giving” and one reason for the overwhelming success of this effort.  During this 24-hour fundraiser, over $75,000 was raised to support the operations of the facility; truly an outstanding accomplishment and one which would not have been achieved without support from Circle K Clubs.  Thank you.

Throughout the past fiscal year the Board of Directors and standing committees were busy.  Among several notable accomplishments was the adoption of a new 5-Year Strategic Plan.  This plan combines current best practices with the factors which contributed to making the Kiwanis Family House successful  and will serve as a ‘touchstone’ for future leadership.  The new Strategic Plan establishes defined goals which are measurable as well as being both aggressive and realistic; defines roles and expectations; and also clearly articulates areas of focus.  In short, the plan will serve as a tool to help ensure long-term sustainability for the facility… 

I am very excited for the direction outlined in the new Strategic Plan and optimistic for the future of the organization.  With your ongoing support, the facility will be able to continue to serve families in need of the critical services provided.  As has been said before, but which bears repeating, “Doctors and Medical Staff save lives; the Kiwanis Family House helps save families.”

Thank you for being there to help those in need through your support and for your participation in the service project known as the Kiwanis Family House.  As supporters, you can take pride in knowing that you are making a difference.




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