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Kiwanis Family House Does Not Tolerate Racism

Kiwanis Family House (KFH) does not tolerate racism.  Inspired by core values that have enriched our service mission and vision for 36 years, we strive to foster awareness, generosity, respect, and a sense of community.  Today, KFH adds its ears, voice, and heart to the emerging and historic opportunity to champion tolerance, respect, and equal justice for all persons in the United States and throughout the world. 

Black Lives Matter is a movement that is enlightening a growing number of Kiwanis family members and clubs.  Rising out of the tragic events in Minneapolis, many in the K-Family are joining the call for fundamental changes to societal norms, community ethos, and institutional practices. KFH fully embodies Kiwanis International’s ideals and embraces the responsibility of providing for the human and spiritual needs of those we serve.

Further, KFH applauds the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs in California, Nevada, and Hawai’i.  These young adults are tomorrow’s leaders.  Circle K, our university and college students, pledge at every meeting to advocate for the realization of humanity’s potential.  Key Clubs, our high school students, proudly serve their communities under the banner of “Caring Our Way of Life.”  Both organizations are responding to recent events by describing the future to which they aspire, one in which people listen, learn, and understand the life experience of people of color.  They have a dream.  The values of Kiwanis Family House align with that dream.

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