Kiwanis Family House


You can see the UC Davis Medical Center from Kiwanis Family House, including the heliport atop its tower.  Whenever I see a red medical transport helicopter approach the hospital and set down gently, I wonder whether KFH will soon be home-away-from-home for family members of their loved one aboard the emergency craft.  We have welcomed many guests in these circumstances.

In October 2017, while Napa County wildfires raged around them, caretaker Maria and an elderly woman for whom she was caring, evacuated the elderly woman’s home.  Later that night, a man and an elderly woman transported an unresponsive female to a local hospital, reporting a possible overdose.  An exam found evidence of a foreign body in Maria’s brain, possibly a bullet.  She was immediately flown to UC Davis Medical Center.

Members of her family landed at Kiwanis Family House.  They told us being close to their hospitalized loved one “changed the trajectory” of her recovery.  They also doubted they would be in Sacramento were it not for Kiwanis.  “Our life went into free-fall.  But then a kind, gentle hand reached out and caught us.  That was you guys.” 

Over the years, those big red birds have brought us victims of traffic accidents, fires, explosions, and falls.  Your donation to Kiwanis Family House on the Big Day of Giving will help us maintain the facility in a state of readiness so that we can change the trajectory of every recovery.

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