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March President’s Message

As I have mentioned in previous “President’s Messages”, the Kiwanis Family House Board of Directors has been working on the development of a new Strategic Plan.  This has been a challenging task but one which is a critical component in achieving continued success and fiscal stability into the future.  The previous strategic plan has served the facility well but is slightly over five years old and needed to be replaced with a plan that takes into account the current business environment; varied stakeholder needs; and changing economic conditions.  The focus of the methodology used in developing a new strategic plan centered on clearly articulating not only where the facility is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how to define success and how to know when success has been achieved.

With the help of an outside independent organization, The Impact Foundry, which served as a facilitator in the plan development process, the new strategic plan is close to completion.  The plan will provide a framework necessary for the Leadership Team to set and define priorities, focus energy, and direct resources toward clearly stated objectives and common goals.  Working toward these defined objectives and goals will not only enhance efficiency without having a negative impact on effectiveness but it will also identify any need for adjustments and/or changes to a course of action sooner and thereby help improve the chances for success.  Accountability will also be improved with clearly defined and articulated objectives and goals which establish benchmarks required for success. 

The new strategic plan will call for several changes in how the facility governs itself and interacts with stakeholders.  Change is necessary in the world today in order to remain viable and relevant.  Change is also a process; not an event and many changes to our day-to-day operations have occurred since the facility first opened.  It is important to note that changes to our business operations or governance called for in the new plan will not alter the core values, vision, or mission of the Kiwanis Family House.  The basic needs of families who stay with us have not changed since the first family was welcomed into the facility in July 1984. To this end, the primary concern and factor in making decisions regarding operations has always been, and will continue to be, the best interest of families utilizing our services.  

 I am personally very excited about the new draft strategic plan which is currently being finalized and should be brought to the Board of Directors during the next board meeting for final discussion and approval.  The plan will allow for flexibility in order to adjust to unforeseen situations which may arise while providing structure and forward thinking.  Additionally, the new plan establishes the opportunity for improved communication of long-term goals and strategic initiatives when promoting the facility and meeting with various stakeholders and supporters. This all means that with the continued help of all our supporters, we will be in a position to continue serving families in need of our services well into the foreseeable future.   


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