Kiwanis Family House

May President’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal appreciation and that of the entire Board of Directors for the support from everyone who made a financial contribution to the Kiwanis Family House on the “Big Day of Giving“ held on May 4th.. We set a goal to raise $75,000 during the 24-hour giving period and we ended the day with an astounding total of $75,918!  This total is especially extraordinary considering this was our 4th year to participate in the event and in our first year we raised just over $16,000.

The “Big Day of Giving” is coordinated by the Sacramento Regional Community Foundation and is intended to raise awareness and funds for non-profit service providers within the Sacramento area. This year the effort involved 599 non-profit entities and a grand total of $7.2 million was raised during the day.  Every one of the charities and service organizations who participated in the event are worthy of support and provide necessary services, and although it was not a competition, it was very gratifying to know that the Kiwanis Family House ranked 7th in the most monies raised among all the participating entities.

The success of the event for us could not have been possible without many hours of hard work over the past several months by many dedicated and committed people which are too numerous to list here.  But I must especially give a shout out to our Executive Director, Dan Germain and his wife, Rita.  Dan and Rita put in countless hours planning, developing marketing materials and organizing special events and supporters.

Also worthy of special note are several of our business partners who came through with support which exceeded expectations.  Four businesses are especially worthy of note.  Each of these businesses displayed their commitment to the local community and showed their dedication to serving the people living in the area in which they do business.  Broadway Coffee; Beach Hut Deli on Folsom Blvd.; and Rubicon Brewing Company in downtown Sacramento each hosted events to support the facility during the day and also made significant monastery contributions.  KYMX, MIX 96, also broadcast the event at Broadway Coffee to promote the Kiwanis Family House as well as the entire “Big Day of Giving” during their morning radio broadcast. A special thank you to each of these fine businesses for their support.

As I have mentioned in prior articles of House Talk, I truly believe the point made by the Kiwanis motto “One Can Make a Difference”.  Because of the commitment of many people working individually and as part of team, our fundraising goal to help ensure the financial stability of the facility was reached.  

Thank you to each and every donor who chose to help support the Kiwanis Family House and help ensure our future financial stability through a donation on the “Big Day of Giving”.  Your support means the world to us, and especially to the families we serve.

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