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Will You Help Us Find The Third Third?

The 2018 Big Day of Giving is one week away.  For Kiwanis Family House, the $90,000 target we have set to raise in the 24-hour period of giving is very much a stretch goal.  Because we have been diligently setting the table for this event and communicating with our reliable supporters, we can expect to witness the following with a reasonable degree of confidence:

We will only succeed in reaching our ultimate target of $90,000 if you and those among the initial two-thirds help us build the third third.  This final third will be new donors whom you and I contact.  They will be members of our families, our neighbors, our friends, our club members, our colleagues.  They will help us complete the third third because we will ask them to donate and lend a helping hand and a comforting shoulder to families enduring medical crises.

I can hear some people asking why they should donate on May 3 as opposed to any other day of the year.  One reason is to help Kiwanis Family House leverage donations to help obtain available prize challenge money.  Every year, dozens of corporations, businesses, funders, media outlets, civic organizations, and leaders rally to sponsor prizes and engage with nonprofit partners.  Over $50,000 in prize dollars will be available for participating nonprofits.

Perhaps more importantly, the Big Day of Giving is a small moment in time each year when this region takes a day to celebrate the spirit of giving.  The 24-hour online giving challenge brings together the region’s nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home. 

To meet our strategic goals and ensure our future of serving families, it is critical for Kiwanis Family House to enlist new financial supporters for a meaningful experience that lasts well beyond those 24-hours.  So I am asking each of you, our loyal supporters, to help us meet that challenge.  Like, Comment, Tweet, and Share our posts on social media.  Email your families, neighbors, friends, club members, and colleagues.  We need YOUR help to mobilize that all-important third third.

With Gratitude,


Dan Germain, Executive Director


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