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Letter from our Director

Letter from our Director

To Our Valued Friends, What will you do with your stimulus check?  Would you like to use it to support families in need? You have an opportunity to make a significant impact!   As with many organizations, the last year has hit the Kiwanis Family House hard financially.  Yet, the need remains stronger than ever. Every […]

Kiwanis Family House Annual Report – June 30, 2020

We are pleased to release the Kiwanis Family House Annual Report for 2019-2020. With this report, we are excited to unveil the new Kiwanis Family House logo and branding package. In the coming months, we will convert all of our print materials, web,and social media presence to this new branding. In this report, you will find […]

An Update from Our Director

I want to provide a status report of how Kiwanis Family House is faring amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.  Last month, we responded to the Governor’s stay-at-home order by: Suspending new referrals and halting new guest check-ins. Taking half of our rooms out of service to reduce occupancy and create greater distance between room assignments. Prohibiting […]

Director’s Letter – July 2017

Like many Kiwanis members who attended the recent International convention in Paris, we were drawn to some of the city’s landmarks during our stay – Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace at Versailles, the Hotel Ritz, and the River Seine.  Each of these beams its own history, its own legacy, and its own significant […]

Director’s Letter – June 2017

“Everything starts with one step, or one brick, or one word, or one day.” ~Jeremy Gilley The brick in the north patio reads, “MYRON AND JUDY HAHN (AND COREY DOG).”  Even though few will ever know the story that this particular brick memorializes, it holds a meaningful and personal message to whoever caused it to […]

Director’s Letter – May 2017

Springtime conjures up impressions of renewal and regrowth.  Each year, these few months are a period of transition for Kiwanis Family House (KFH).  The spring of 2017 has brought an extraordinary sense of anticipation for me.  In addition to familiar annual transitional processes – adoption of a new operating budget and the election of new […]

Director’s Letter – March 2017

I strive to pen a column each month that is focused on a single impactful message or story.  However, many noteworthy story lines are swirling as I sit to compose this month’s message.  Coincidentally, I celebrate my fifth anniversary as Executive Director of Kiwanis Family House, a milestone that has me in a broadly reflective […]

Director’s Letter – January 2017

Each day for several recent months, the campus shuttle picked up Lorraine Ancic at Kiwanis Family House (KFH), delivered her to nearby UC Davis Medical Center for her cancer treatments, and then completed the loop.  She became very familiar with that circular route that returned her to the comfort and support of her temporary home.  […]

Director’s Letter – December 2016

Within days, we will flip the calendar into a new year.  The holidays are always a period of reflection and we will take memories of so many families with us from 2016.  Despite our sincerest efforts to maintain a certain professional buffer between our guests’ circumstances and our own human emotions, we find ourselves drawn […]

Director’s Letter – November 2016

Those of us in the Kiwanis Family House (KFH) community were still processing the loss of long-time guest Sandra Gantt Baxter when we learned of the turn in fortune for Lorraine Ancic.  You have just read Lorraine’s story, above.  While desired outcomes far outnumber sadder ones, the past month has been one of our tougher […]

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