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Director’s Letter – July 2017

Like many Kiwanis members who attended the recent International convention in Paris, we were drawn to some of the city’s landmarks during our stay – Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace at Versailles, the Hotel Ritz, and the River Seine.  Each of these beams its own history, its own legacy, and its own significant impact on the lives of many. 

I have returned to my desk at Kiwanis Family House (KFH) with these landmarks still fresh in my memory.  Far be it from me to associate KFH with the aforementioned wonders of the world.  But I have returned with a renewed appreciation for the history, legacy, and impact of one of the highest profile programs in all of Kiwanis International.

We are now headed into our 34th continuous year of caring for families who are living through serious health adversity.  As time marches by, we inch closer to 2034, a year that still sounds so far down the road.  We will have new generations of organizational leaders, financial backers, and guest families by then.  But be assured the current leadership team is committed to guaranteeing a long and certain future for KFH so that it will be here for future generations of families dealing with stressful hospitalizations and medical interventions.

Our existing operating agreement with UC Davis is set to expire in 2034.  Last year at this time, we delivered a formal request to extend the agreement an additional 30 years.  Our timing was fortuitous, as the UC was in the early stages of crafting a new long-term facility master plan for the medical center campus.  We were told that, even though no proposals to repurpose the Kiwanis facility had been advanced, UC leaders wanted to withhold a response to our request until approval and release of the new master plan.  We anticipate a formal response in the very near future.  We will then know where our future resides.

Hey, if we must eventually design a new palace, how does French Baroque strike everybody?

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  1. Sounds good to me Dan. Family House is such a great commitment to the children and parents who have a great need at a time of crisis that it should continue forever. A French Baroque sounds like the right thing to do if needed.

    Pete Edwards

  2. We would be lost without kiwanis house our extended stay visits to Shriners Hospital. We always feel so welcome when we are there it’s easy to relax and focus on what my daughter needs. we look forward to staying there.Good luck and thank you. Janessa and Kelly

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